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March 2015

Teaching Your Child To Choose Right Over Wrong !

by Penny Pitassi at 9:04 AM

I believe that most parents work very diligently to teach their children to know and understand right from wrong. So why... when we work so hard to to help our children understand the difference, do our children still do the wrong thing? It isn't that we've failed to teach them the difference between right and wrong... they know it. The struggle is in getting them to choose to do right instead of wrong.


August 2014

'Dao' or 'Do' - The True Meaning

by Hanshi Terry Bryan at 4:25 PM

Dao, also spelled Tao, is a very important concept in ancient Chinese thought. It is often translated as "the way" or "the path," but these words do not do justice to the true meaning. In English we use the word `way' to describe concepts like course, method, manner, mode, means, practice, fashion, technique or style. These tend to lead us to believe that way is a method of action, but in Chinese thought, non-action is of equal importance in the dao.


February 2014

The Law of Personal Responsibility

by Hanshi Terry Bryan at 1:22 PM

Because the warrior deals with life and death situations, he understands the concept of one encounter – one chance. He understands that not knowing the difference between real or false, or allowing himself unconsciously to be weakened by negative ideas, thoughts or actions, or even weak training habits, can be the difference between life and death.


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