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The Law of Personal Responsibility

11 Feb 2014

by Hanshi Terry Bryan at 1:22 PM

Because the warrior deals with life and death situations, he understands the concept of one encounter – one chance. He understands that not knowing the difference between real or false, or allowing himself unconsciously to be weakened by negative ideas, thoughts or actions, or even weak training habits, can be the difference between life and death.

A true warrior understands that life or death is totally his responsibility. He can never rely on someone else possibly showing up to help.

Thus, the training we do every day – mental, physical and spiritual -- will be the foundation for success on the battlefield and in life.

For the warrior or the sincere martial artist, personal responsibility is not an option. It is 100% mandatory. Where you will be tomorrow is directly dependent on what you do today. Successful people take a high degree of responsibility over their lives, and there is a direct correlation between a feeling of self-control and high self-esteem.

Success has been defined as having the greatest number of positive experiences over the longest period of time. Responsible people are proactive in making those experiences happen. Make it a point today to take responsibility for your own life and get away from blaming others for anything.