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Why we should not learn martial arts?

18 June 2019

Martial arts (or katas) is a modern phenomenon in today’s world, which was widely popularized in the early part of twentieth century. However, the origin of this combat goes back as far as civilization itself with the earliest records showing about 4000 B.C.

Martial art is basically a form of an art of weaponless self-defense. One shouldn’t assume that martial art is for gaining power against the weak. The concept of martial arts is way more than what we think it is.

The Real Importance of Martial Arts

Have you ever wondered why one should learn karate? Simple, the main motive is to learn self-defense. But is it only about fighting or winning competitions? No, Martial arts also serve many health benefits which can be derived from learning it. When we look at the history of martial arts we can surely grasp a lot of information on how to improve the physical ability with mental ability as well.

While performing karate one uses a great amount of isometric strength (contraction of a particular muscle or group of muscles) and tension. This in turn, helps developing lean muscle mass. Such muscle mass add the benefit of delivering enhanced strength and a faster metabolism. Greater strength reduces the risk of injury when performing common day to day tasks.

Martial arts also help in losing a great deal of weight when performed precisely with a great deal of speed and fluidity. It is said, the faster you move the more calories you lose. On the other hand, it is also possible for a person to perform martial arts in slow manner. This involves the advantage of using katas as a medium for stress relief. The answer to this is mediation based on your own personal preference.