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Martial arts is an amazing and wondrous journey of self-discovery. Karate is unique in it's ability to meet every student exactly where they are at regardless of their age or their motivation for joining. Students develop confidence as they master the physical and mental challenges of training. They develop discipline and focus by learning to pay attention to details. As students follow the etiquette and protocol required in martial arts, they learn manners, poise and respect for themselves and others. As students master these lessons on the training floor they also learn how to apply those same lessons in other areas of their life outside of the martial arts school. They demonstrate a maturity and presence that can only come from knowing themselves and being comfortable with who they are. Once one learns how to "be", they will "do" the things necessary to "have" everything that's important in their life. This is the journey of martial arts and it is unique and different for every student.

Youth Karate (7-12 yrs)

Youth Karate

Youth Karate Program

Strong mind, strong body is our philsophy. In this age group we focus a lot of our attention on life skills and building a strong character. We know that developing self-discipline, focus, confidence, and respect are keys to success in life. We also know you need a strong, healthy fit body to pursue that success. Our curriculum builds athleticism and strength while teaching physical and mental self-defense skills. Students will learn how to defend themselves physically and also learn to identify less obvious threats like what a bully really looks like, and how not to turn into a bully themselves.

Know the importance of martial arts before enrolling.

Our curriculum focuses on 4 Fundamental areas:

1) PHYSICAL - Karate is unique in its ability to meet students at whatever their current physical fitness level is and build from there. Whether your child is a die-hard coach potato, excels athletically, or is somewhere in between we can challenge them while teaching them to enjoy fitness and live a healthy lifestyle. The physical nature of karate builds strength and endurance, increases coordination and agility, and improves hand-eye coordination, balance and even flexibility. We place a strong emphasis on building athleticism and developing students gross, complex and fine motor skills through a series of fun and ever-changing drills, skills and actions.

2) INTELLECTUAL - We know the only way to truly develop confidence and character is to meet and overcome obstacles and challenges, not from hollow praise and unearned accolades. The belt system teaches students short and long-term goal setting and helps them focus through distractions and work on completing and following through on tasks. The formula for success in any endeavor in life is consistent effort over time. This is reinforced through a natural reward system as students progress through increasingly difficult curriculum skills with higher expectations and standards. This builds true confidence and self-esteem from the inside out.

3) EMOTIONAL - Students at this age can easily become frustrated when working through challenges such as performing a new skill for the first time. We will help them persevere through challenges, develop the mental toughness to deal with disappointment, and teach them to trust their instincts and intuition. In a world where everything happens now, children that can delay gratification, control their impulses, and accept personal responsibility stand out among their peers. We work on developing emotional maturity by moving students from external discipline and control to internal self-discipline and self-control where they accept both the positive and negative outcomes of their actions and choices.

4) SOCIAL - This age group is working on learning and building the social skills they will need for the rest of their lives. We will teach them that respect and manners are the basic foundation off all relationships, that rules are made to keep us safe, and will work on listening and understanding skills in order to be good students and friends. We will also teach students what it means to be principle-centered and how to make advance decisions so they will have the courage and skills to stand up to negative peer pressure and bullying.

Youth Karate (7-12 yrs)


Youth Karate Discipline

Self-discipline is the foundation for building all other skills. It leads to good judgment and decision making, impulse control, and good emotional regulation. It is also the foundation for the development of good character. Once a child learns self-discipline, everything else becomes easier.

Youth Karate Confidence

Self-esteem comes from learning to value and respect yourself. Confidence comes from gaining competence. Kids are far more capable than we give them credit for. When they gain confidence on the karate floor it translates out to everything else they do at home and school.

Youth Karate Focus

Our students learn the 4 Steps to Razor Sharp Focus—Focus your eyes, ears, mind and body. To listen or follow instructions a child must first learn to focus their attention. This starts with keeping their bodies still. A child who can focus learns better at school and gets along better at home.

Teen Karate (13 - 17)

Teen Karate

Teen Karate

Karate For Teens :

The teenage years can either be some of the most challenging or most rewarding for both the teen and their parents. It all depends on how a teen feels about themselves and others. Teens are physically living in an “adult” body but haven’t gained the judgment, emotional maturity, and impulse control that comes with years of additional life experience. Karate gives teens a safe yet challenging environment where we can help them in the areas they need most in order to become responsible, happy adults.

1) Improved Academic Performance : The attributes of focus and attention to detail, goal-setting and self-motivation, and determination and perseverance your teen learns on the martial arts floor translates perfectly to their school classroom. They will have a significant edge in high school and on into college.

2) Valuable Life Skills : Our goal is to develop independent self-starters who can set and achieve goals and are unaffected by negative peer pressure. Character and life skills such as Self-Discipline, Confidence, Respect, Follow Through, Independence, Communication, Mental Toughness, Leadership and more will remain with them forever. We’ll reinforce the character lessons you’ve been teaching them at home all these years... but it will be coming from somebody else which often makes them more open to listen and willing to apply the lessons in their lives every day.

3) Physical Fitness : A healthy environment with physical activity can help reduce the anxiety and stress that teens experience due to parental expectations, homework and school, social pressure from friends, and even just the time pressure of our busy lives. In addition to the benefits of healthy exercise, our focus on athleticism helps build teens strength, endurance, and flexibility and gives them a fitness foundation they can build on for life. At no other time will a person's body respond to physical training like it does during this stage of life.

4) Personal Safety : Students learn how to defend themselves mentally and physically. Students will learn to recognize risky behaviors and how to avoid them by making advance decisions. We will teach them what threats look like and help them learn to avoid conflict before it starts. Because of a teen's lack of life experience, there is often added drama that comes with new experiences. We teach teens how to turn down the volume on this drama and keep themselves on an even, steady course which can drastically reduce the potential for conflict. Lastly, if all else fails we teach them the physical tools necessary to protect themselves.

Teen Karate


Improved Scholastic Performance:

The Focus, Attention To Detail, Motivation and Mental Toughness your teen learns in Martial Arts translates perfectly to their needs in the school classroom. They’ll have a significant edge even into high school, college, and beyond.

Personal Safety:

Good Judgment, Good Character and Advance Decision-Making can help your teen avoid potentially dangerous situations before they happen. You and your teen can have peace of mind knowing they have the physical and mental skills to avoid conflict and defend themselves if necessary.

Handling Negative Peer Pressure:

Teens are exposed to a wide variety of positive and negative influences. The decisions they make at this age can have life-long consequences. Karate provides a safe environment where they are surrounded by good friends and positive role models. This is the safety net they need to be able to say "NO" to negative peer pressure.

Teen Karate Benefit

Things Our Teens Will Learn

Teen Karate Martial Science
Martial Science

It's not enough to learn a bunch of techniques. As a student of the martial arts, you must be able to apply those techniques at the appropriate time and place to achieve a desired outcome.

Teen Karate Personal Safety Conflict Avoidance
Personal Safety & Conflict Avoidance

We all know the best way to win a fight is not to get into one. We will teach you the skills you need to keep yourself and your loved ones safe and avoid conflict so hopefully you will never have to use your martial arts to defend yourself.

Teen Karate Character Attitude
Character & Attitude

At 3T Karate its not enough to be a good martial artist, you also have to be a good person. Warrior cultures throughout history have been educated people who lived lives of service. Helping others live more powerful lives is just one unexpected benefit you will find from traditional karate training.

Adult Karate (18+)

Adult Karate Program

Adult Karate

Adult karate is fitness with a purpose! We know you have a busy life and a limited amount of time. We make it easy for you to get a great workout while simultaneously learning self-defense skills to keep you and your family safe. No matter what your fitness goals... whether you want to get stronger, have more endurance, improve your cardio or your flexiblity, reduce stress, or lose weight we can help. If you are a part-time coach potatoe looking to get in better shape or an accomlished athlete looking for a new challenge, we can help you set and achieve appropriate fitness goals. All with the added benefit of learning real world self-defense skills.

THIS IS NOT YOUR KIDS KARATE! You may have been led to believe Karate is just for kids. All the TV hype would have you believe only styles being used in the MMA ring today are effective for self-defense. Nothing could be further from the truth! Anything that is a "classic" means it has stood the test of time. That it's not just a passing fad. Traditional training in classical martial arts is the same. It is a self-defense method that was actually used by people to defend themselves in the real world where there is no ring, and there are no rules or referees. There is much more involved in staying safe than learning a few blocking, striking or kicking techniques. Our curriculum teaches students how to recognize and avoid conflict before it starts. Should you find yourself in a situation anyway, we teach the strategies, principles and mindset needed to win in the real world.

Martial arts will help you become the best version of yourself. If you are tired of the "herd" mentality and are looking to be around intelligent, motivated, goal-oriented people, then our program is for you. As adults, few things challenge us to look at ourselves and become better. The training floor is a microcosm of the bigger world. Whatever you find holding you back on the floor is also holding you back in your life. The difference is the training floor is a controlled environment where you can systemically work on overcoming whatever the obstacles are that are keeping you from being the best version of yourself. When you confront those things and overcome them in your martial arts training it becomes easier to confront them and overcome them in your life. This can lead to better relationships at home and more opportunities in the work world as well.

Nunchukas Combinations #1 - 10


Health & Fitness :
Improved strength and endurance, weight loss, cardio, stress relief, and flexibility are just the beginning. No other sport or activity has the ability to meet every student wherever they are and challenge them to improve for their own individual starting point. There are no short cuts... only challenges to meet and overcome.

Personal Safety & Martial Science :
It's not enough to learn a bunch of techniques. As a student of the martial arts, you must be able to apply those techniques at the appropriate time and place to achieve a desired outcome and keep keep yourself safe. This includes applying conflict resolution strategies to avoid fighting having to fight at all.

Personal Development :
At 3T Karate its not enough to be a good martial artist, you also have to be a good person. Warrior cultures throughout history have been educated people who lived lives of service. Helping yourself and others live more powerful lives is just one unexpected benefit you will find from traditional martial arts training.

Adult Karate Benefit

Family Program

Family Program

Introduction / Technical Videos

We all live an increasingly fast-paced lifestyle that challenges us to find quality family time. Anything else you do with your kids, you aren't really doing it together... you as the adult are always "in charge". Martial arts is one of the only activities you can truly do and learn together as a family.

In our classes, parents and older siblings can train alongside their younger family members in a friendly, fun-filled environment that encourages growth for every family member. Adults and teens get the health, fitness and self-defense benefits of training while younger students learn character development and live skills.

If you are looking for quality time with your family that has the added benefit of improving your health and fitness, then martial arts at 3T is for you. Our Family Martial Arts classes will be the key to your Family's Fitness and Life Skill Success. We will focus on the life skills and character lessons your kids need while getting you the health benefits and self-defense skills you need. All... in a fun, friendly, family-oriented environment where everyone will love learning.

3t San Antonio welcome video


Health & Fitness : We offer great workouts that kids and parents will love. You will sweat, smile and learn every time you come to class. And you will quality learning and bonding time for the whole family that is so difficult to find in today's busy world.

Character & Attitude : The critical life skills we teach will help family members increase focus, discipline and confidence. The belt system naturally teaches self-motivation and goal-setting. Manners, etiquette and respect learned in our classes will form a foundation that helps improve social skills and communication.

Self-Protection : We all want to be safe in a dangerous world. Your child will learning to deal with bullies and negative peer pressure. You will be able to feel secure in your ability to recognize threats and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Family Program Benefit

Pre-School Program

Pre-School Program

Introduction / Technical Videos

We have developed a specific curriculum for the pre-school age group that targets their physical development, adapts to their social and intellectual curiosity, and builds skills. We focus on preparing them for the new roles and responsibilities they will be encountering as they enter school. As their physical development and focus improvecs, we also prepare them for the next level in our Youth Karate Program.

Our students actively work on 4 specific areas of development :

1) PHYSICAL - We will work to improve muscle application through drills with high repetitions. We will also continue to develop their legs, arms, core and abdominals with static, active and dynamic exercises that improve gross, complex, and fine motor skills.

2) INTELLECTUAL - We will work toward improving their ability to listen and follow direction. They will learn to retain 3 or more commands at once as well as distinguishing between their left and right sides.

3) EMOTIONAL - This age group has such an excitement for the things they are "into" and tend to shut down when they don't feel like doing something. We will work on self-control drills that will help them focus their attention on the task at hand. We will also work the 4 Laws of Razor Sharp Focus - EYES, EARS, MIND and BODY!

4) SOCIAL - We will build good Teamwork Skills by practicing no cheating, not getting angry when they lose and not bragging when they win. We will help them learn to embrace discipline, respect and manners as a way to make parents and teachers proud.



Tiny Tigers (Age 3 & 4) : Students learn age-appropriate focus, concentration and listening skills with skills and drills that build balance, core strength, and gross motor skills.

Pre-Schoolers : Kids at this age begin developing habits they will retain for life. It is imperative that kids at this age learn manners and respect for themselves and others. Give them the discipline, focus, confidence and self-esteem needed for the rest of their lives.

Little Tigers (Age 5 & 6) : Prepare your kids for success in school by developing their independence, confidence and social skills. Develop a solid physical foundation and love for fitness through skills and drills that work on gross and complex motor skills and coordination.

Pre-School Program Benefit

Special Classes

Special Classes

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